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Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

If you earn more than 3040€/month

paid by a foreign company.

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The new program allows visitors to live and work for up to a year in Portugal and it was launched Oct 30, 2022.

The popularity of Portugal among remote workers is due to several reasons, including the low cost of living, mild weather, an abundance of co-working spaces, connections to major European cities, and the country's fluency in English.

By launching the new digital nomad visa, Portugal will join the list of countries that already offer such opportunities to all internationals who plan to work remotely.

Portugal is one of the few European countries to currently offer a long-stay visa to remote workers and digital nomads. With this visa, you can live in Portugal for up to one year and work remotely from one of the hottest digital nomad hotspots in the world. 

Do you dream of living in Portugal, riding the tramcar, and drinking wine watching the sunset over the beach? Now you can with the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa !

Requirements for remote workers:


a. Earn at least four times the Portuguese minimum wage can apply - that amounts to about €3040/month in 2023.

b. On top of showing proof of income for the last three months, applicants must submit tax residency documents and a contract of employment from a company located outside the country (or proof of self-employment).

c. Can apply for either a temporary stay visa of up to one year or a residency permit that can be renewed for up to five years.

d. Show that the applicant is a non-EU resident.


Travel visa-free throughout the Schengen Area, a region containing 26 European Union member countries where travelers can move freely without dealing with border control.


You can apply at a Portuguese Consulate in your home country or at Portugal's immigration agency SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).


If applied for the temporary stay visa and you decide to stay less than 6 month in Portugal you are not taxed in Portugal. Unless you generate income in Portugal which is taxable according to the Portuguese law.

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